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Art Courses

Primarily Painting (0.5 Credit)

Using only the primary colors (red, blue, yellow) with white, students will learn how to mix all colors, shades, and tones with acrylic paint and watercolor. Emphasis on the Color Wheel, basic painting techniques, creativity, and self-expression. Introduction to a variety of current and past visual artists' practices.

Studio Art (0.5 Credit)

Students apply the elements and principles of design while creating drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, etc. They also learn to document, display, and critique their artwork as a group, assembling a small portfolio of works in various mediums.

Figure Drawing (0.5 Credit)

This class covers the basics of traditional figure drawing while incorporating movement. Students study functional anatomy through yoga and other exercises to develop a kinesthetic connection with the process of creating figurative art.

Creative Response Through Art (0.5 Credit)

Students learn how to activate spaces through art making and explore different social movements. They create artwork that helps them amplify their voice and awareness of various social movements.

Drawing and Painting Foundations (0.5 Credit)

Students develop basic drawing skills and understand color theory through watercolor, ink, and acrylic painting techniques, applying the Elements & Principles of Design.

Book Art (0.5 Credit)

This hands-on class pushes the limits of the physical nature of books, allowing students to make their own artwork from old books. They explore collage, mixed media, painting, sculpture, and writing with a focus on three-dimensional forms.

Mixed Media Exploration (0.5 Credit)

This class introduces students to methods of “seeing” and creating through the visual arts. They respond to different artists' styles and expand their artistic vocabularies through experimentation with various techniques and materials.

Printmaking (0.5 Credit)

Students develop technical skills in studio print media, including monotype, linoleum block printing, drypoint etching, and relief plate rubbings. Drawing practices and color theory are significant components of this course.

Art in the Community (0.5 Credit)

This class explores artmaking in the community, discussing different approaches to artmaking and how it reflects culture. Students travel to venues to see art made and exhibited in the local community.

Sculpture Foundations (0.5 Credit)

Students look at past and present artists, materials, and techniques in constructing 3D art. They consider how their artwork appears to viewers from all angles and come up with creative solutions for display.

Textile Art (0.5 Credit)

This sewing class covers the basics of learning to thread a needle to sewing fabrics to act as costumes and works of art. Students incorporate other art processes like printmaking, embroidery, and applique in their artistic process.

AP Drawing (1.0 Credit)

This class is an opportunity for students to practice and develop skills in inquiry and investigation through portfolio development. They strengthen their understanding of the fundamentals of 2-D design within their drawings and practice experimentation and revision in various approaches of image making.

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