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Music ClassThe Arts Academy is committed to ensuring the success of all students. We are proud of the vibrant community that we have developed over the years, which depends on parents, guardians and families as an integral part of maintaining a productive, successful school environment.

In this section, you’ll find some resources to help you learn more about your studies, including information about the the daily schedule, special activities, transportation details/bus schedules, our dress code policies and the FAFSA application process.

MovementStudent Handbook,  Course Offerings, and Bus Schedules

The school's policies and procedures are designed to facilitate the Arts Academy's continued success. Parents should carefully review and adhere to the policies outlined in the Student Handbook.

The Course Offerings lists all academic and arts classes, as well as policies for grades and graduation credits

We will update Bus Schedule, Handbook, and Course Information for the 21-22 School Year as they become available.

Academy 2021-2022 Academic Calendar

View this year’s Academic Calendar, which includes school holidays, early release days, and professional development days.

21-22 Academic Calendar


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