Media Arts

Digital Media and Design Courses

Digital Illustration (0.5 Credit)

Students will continue to explore applications in drawing and illustration related to traditional and digital technology. Assignments will present industry-specific problems, encouraging students to examine the transition from conceptualization to execution.

Digital Photography (0.5 Credit)

Students in this class will be introduced to the fundamentals of digital photography and the technical aspects involved with using a digital camera. They will learn how to upload images, the proper use of storage, and manipulation of imagery through Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Maker Lab (0.5 Credit)

Makerlab focuses on utilizing advanced technology to help young artists elevate their own artistic work. Students will propose and build their own projects, ranging from visual art to music, using tech such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and more. They will then present their work for critique.

Fundamentals of Digital Media (0.5 Credit)

An introductory course that offers a survey of Media Arts: Print design, Web Design, and Video. Students will use real-life projects to embrace design elements and develop their own style as a designer in each medium.

Graphic Design for Print and Screens (0.5 Credit)

This course is for students interested in developing their knowledge in the most up-to-date Adobe Photoshop Suite (APS). It incorporates the Elements and Principles of Design into the methods and techniques associated with APS and other current software.

Filmmaking (0.5 Credit)

Students will learn how to tell a story cinematically, focusing on documentary techniques in the first half of the year and writing and filming their own short fiction stories in the second half.

Newsroom (0.5 Credit)

'Newsroom' is a class where students focus on translating current events into digestible news and reporting experiences. They will explore various methods of reporting news in visual and audio mediums, including filming news anchors, podcast recording, and late-night show hosting.

Screenwriting (0.5 Credit)

Students will strengthen their understanding of the structural elements behind a screenplay, learning about plot, characters, setting, and format. They will learn how to execute an idea into a full story and write a short film of their own.

Producing the Series (1 Credit)

In this class, students will compare and contrast film and television, learn character development, and produce their own media series with pilot episodes.

Idea to Image (0.5 Credit)

The course involves analyzing film techniques and learning the fundamentals of research and development. Students will pitch ideas, form concepts, and review script breakdowns on their journey from idea to image.

Animation/Motion Graphics (0.5 Credit)

Animation I is an introduction to cartoon animation, exploring animation, character and story development, and motion graphics.

Advanced Motion Graphics (0.5 Credit)

Advanced Motion Graphics allows students to use animation/motion to create artwork with real-world applications using programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Animate.

ECE Digital Media Design (1.0 Credit)

This intensive course focuses on designing for the digital arts. Students engage in real-world projects to better understand media and methodologies. It encourages students to critically explore and comment upon the digital world and develop their own facility in a rapidly growing industry.

Game Design and Programming (1.0 Credit)

This course focuses on object-oriented game design, teaching students to plan game levels, design artwork and sprites, and code interactivity using programs like Construct 3.

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