Theater Courses

Fools and Clowns (0.5 Credit)

Throughout the semester, this physical, high-energy beginning acting class will take students on a journey into the world of physical comedic acting and clowning. Students will work within the ensemble to explore the rules of clowning and various clowning techniques to create scenes featuring original clown characters.

Looking In (0.5 Credit) EN3121

This acting class will explore various ways in which social justice theater is created. Physical storytelling, playwriting, and spoken word will be the vehicles of expression used to explore contemporary issues facing teenagers and young adults today. Prerequisite: Acting Technique or Movement for the Actor or Race, Gender and Identity.

Movement for the Actor (0.5 Credit)

This class will focus on movement, voice, and speech to improve the performer's natural capacity for moving, sounding, and speaking. Students will learn to feel the way the human body naturally functions when it is free of adverse conditioning. You will experiment with vocal and body energies, discover numerous choices in communicating text, and find new ways of tapping into the imagination and soul of a character.

Voice and Diction for the Actor (0.5 Credit)

Students will begin to find their voice, both physically and emotionally. In class, students will experience physical and vocal exercises utilizing the International Phonetic Alphabet to develop an understanding of written sounds and explore the anatomy of the voice to maximize their performance skills. This course will culminate in an individual performance for classmates using the class’s and student’s own text(s). Come ready to understand your voice and your soul on a deeper level! *Note: while a large component of this course is physical, all (dis)abilities are welcome.

Race, Gender, and Identity (0.5 Credit)

In this class, students create original theatre based on the themes of race, gender, and identity. Students will draw from personal experiences, current events, and dramatic texts to develop devised pieces that bring light to various aspects of race, racism, gender roles and gender stereotyping, sexism, sexual orientation, and homophobia.

Directing (0.5 Credit)

Using a series of progressive exercises, students will practice and perfect the techniques of visual storytelling. By creating an artistic laboratory setting, the curriculum challenges the students to make strong, clear choices and effectively communicate to actors and designers on a daily basis, developing practical applications of the theories behind directing.

Acting 1 (0.5 Credit)

The basics of acting will be explored through physical and vocal exercises, improvisation, monologues, and scene study. We will learn how to approach the text in preparation for character and performance.

Improvisation (0.5 Credit)

Students will develop the skills needed to produce and perform spontaneous collaborative short works. The class will explore the anatomy of a joke, how to build a believable story on the spot, and be a valuable ensemble member. The class will end with an improv performance.

Acting 2 (0.5 Credit)

In this advanced acting class, students will continue to work as an ensemble to develop awareness, focus, and vocal and physical dexterity, strength, and freedom. Various dramatic texts will provide the foundation for analyzing and developing the physical, emotional, and social dimensions of characters and will serve as the sources for monologue and scene work.

Power, Privilege, Oppression Through Shakespeare (0.5 Credit)

Shakespeare is a world-renowned playwright, and his works are beloved throughout time. But how well do his words hold up? In this course, students will explore a handful of plays and sonnets, discussing their historical contexts as well as how modern interpretations can update the Bard’s messages to today’s audiences.

Carnival Art

Carnival! Masquerade! Street Parade! We are taking it to the sky and the streets! This course explores the deep, cultural, movement roots of carnival, costume, mask making, folklore, and other street theater traditions from around the world. You will learn to dance the calypso and walk on stilts! Students will be trained in the basic elements, safety procedures, and origin stories of stilt walking and explore relevant dance connections across cultures and generations. Take your place in the world of Carnival Arts!

Script Analysis

Students will learn how to read a text analytically and develop an understanding of character, plot, subtext, etc. Students will create a premise and concept for each play as if they would direct it themselves. This course will explore the psyche of character and text from both an acting and a directing standpoint, complete with acting exercises! An excellent reinforcement, precursor, and/or supplement to the Directing course!

Advanced Voice and Diction

A step beyond Voice & Diction, Advanced Voice will allow students to more deeply connect with their own voice through further exploration of the International Phonetic Alphabet as well as physical exercises that center around mindfulness and vocal anatomy. Later in the course, students will be introduced to an exploration of accents. For the fall semester, there are no prerequisites required; the first half of the course will go through the Voice & Diction syllabus. Looking for students who want to gain confidence with their performing voice and have a commitment to physical and vocal exercises! *Note: while a large component of this course is physical, all (dis)abilities are welcome.

Script to Stage

Here we will deep dive into the process from how a project gets conceptualized, to workshopped to produced. We will cover such classics as E.T. to Fantasia to 10 Things I Hate About You. This class will look at the inspiration and source behind some of the most influential films in history, resulting in some of our selections being reworked and/or performed.

Business of Entertainment

A class that embarks on the true essence of what it means to go from amateur and hobbyist to a professional & how to maintain an income through your art. This will cover sections of managing personal and professional finances as well as pursuing a career in the industry as well as how the industry works.

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