About Our School

Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Full Day
Statement of Purpose
The CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Full Day provides a rigorous college-preparatory academic education and pre-professional arts education in an equitable, culturally competent environment.
CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Full Day is an arts focused magnet high school serving Hartford and its suburbs. Here, a student self-directs their own artistic path as they choose from a variety of arts classes mixed into a traditional high school curriculum.

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Empower Your Voice, Tell Your Story

At the Arts Academy Full Day High School, students are challenged to push themselves as students and artists. Our classes use project-based learning and standards based grading so that students can take ownership of their learning and know exactly where they stand when it comes to skills and concepts. Through our academic and artistic projects, performances, and celebrations, we want every student to find and empower their voice so that they can tell their powerful and unique story.
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Self-Directed Artistic Path

Integrated throughout the school day are a variety of arts courses. Students chose from these course offerings as they design their own path of creativity and discovery. Classes are taught by Artist Instructors who are professionals in their

Our Arts Classes Include

  • Creative Writing
  • Dance
  • Filmmaking
  • Media Arts
  • Music(Vocal & Instrumental)
  • Theater
  • Visual & Textile Arts

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Our Facility

The Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Full Day is part of the Colt Gateway complex in Hartford. The facility nurtures a community where young people can learn and create while feeling at home. Within these rooms  musicians practice, graphic artists design, creative writers workshop, dancers move, and film makers direct. Among these spaces are science labs and academic spaces with the latest in classroom technologies.  Film and recording studios, dance studios, music practice rooms, actor spaces, and dance studios are located throughout.

The Academy Family

The students and faculty at the CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts all come from a diverse racial, ethnic, and socio-economic population. The Academy Family is a proud multi-cultural community dedicated to acceptance, social justice, and empowerment. Our essential “Academy Family Values” are commitment, collaboration, and leadership. We celebrate students who demonstrate these qualities both inside and outside the classroom.
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